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Boulders Beach

Boulders Beach Penguin Colony, near Cape Town, South Africa. 2019

On our day trip around the Cape, this was my top priority. Watching penguins play around in their natural habitat? Yes, please.

The beach was busy with people and penguins. On the boardwalk from the parking lot, you’d see penguins just past the fence, inches from you. On the beach people were mostly respectful of the penguins, taking lots of photos but heeding the many (many) signs asking you not to touch them.

One loud older dude was sharing his whole life story with anyone who got within twenty feet, talking about the tour groups he led and the conservation work he was doing. I was irritated by it until I saw a tourist reach out to touch a penguin, and this dude leapt into action.

“Didn’t you see the sign?!” he yelled, and then proceeded to lecture her (and everyone else — seriously this guy was SUPER loud) about why you shouldn’t touch wild animals. He was great, honestly. Don’t touch wild animals.

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