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Outside Swakopmund, Namibia. 2019

This gorgeous guy is a Namibian sand gecko. When we got stuck in Swakopmund, it gave us the opportunity to do a few cool things in town, including this “Little Five” tour of the dunes outside of town.

In addition to this extremely cute gecko (kind of looks like a My Little Pony?!), we met a chameleon, a spider, a legless lizard, and an assortment of birds. The desert in Namibia was (obviously) really different from the deserts I’m used to, but no less full of amazing creatures, even if you have to look a little harder.

Our guide was super knowledgeable and took great care with the creatures he showed us. Also when I left my water bottle on the bus they were kind enough to bring it back by our hotel the next day, so they’ve earned my eternal gratitude.

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