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Urangan Pier, Queensland, Australia. 2016

In 2016 we spent three weeks driving up the Queensland coast from Brisbane to Cape Tribulation. I’m from the Upper Midwest so I’ve never shied away from a long road trip, but I wasn’t entirely prepared for just how big Australia is.

Early on in our trip we decided we wanted to go to Fraser Island, so we spent a night at the Urangan Motor Inn, the cheapest lodging we could find near where we’d catch the boat.

On the night we stayed there, two separate field trips of teenagers were there too, which was about as delightful as you’d imagine. So instead of hanging around the room, which had become our habit after long days of driving, we went for a really long walk and discovered this pier.

It’s nearly a kilometer long, and more than a hundred years old. It was once used to transport cargo, but now it’s just families taking walks and old men fishing off the sides. I recommend it.

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